Summer Programs - 2018

Don't let the summer slip by. It is a good time to get remedial help in Math, Reading and Writing and have a head start for the next academic year. 

Summer Math Brain Boost : 

This summer program focuses on Critical Thinking and the Math Word Problem Booklets. The Math Brain Boost helps students develop their problem-solving and analytical skills by developing reasoning and critical thinking abilities, focusing on application of knowledge in situation-based and pattern-recognition problems.

Students will come twice each week for math.

- 1st class: children will work on their basic and critical thinking math books and receive their normal homework (same as regular math program)

- 2nd class: children will focus on critical thinking math and word problems


Summer Reading Club :

This fun summer program aims to help students become confident readers and writers, guiding them on what to consider while reading and how to formulate thoughtful responses to the text. Students will read level appropriate fiction and non-fiction literary works. They will discuss the themes and characters of the books and prepare written responses to in-class prompts. Upon completion of the book, students are required to prepare a book report using the provided structure/guidelines.

Students will come twice each week for english.

- 1st class: children will work on their English booklets and receive their normal homework  (same as regular english program; Emphasis on handwriting this summer with cursive handwriting practice for those interested._

- 2nd class: children will pick a book from the booklist and prepare written responses about their reading assignments; Final assignment will be to complete their book report.